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        Healthy liver support


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          Liver health
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          Water soluble
        • Herbal name : Hovenia dulcis Thunberg
        • Active compound : Quercetin
        • Benefits
          • Hepatoprotective and blood alcohol lowering effect
          • Anti-fatigue effect and improves exercise performance
          • Anti-cancer effect

        Science inside

        1. In vivo

        1) Blood alcohol lowering effect


        • Effect of fruit peduncle hot water extracts of Hovenia Dulcis (HdfHW) on the blood ethanol concentration. (Yakhak Hoeji Vol. 48, No.1)
        • Significantly different from the control group (P<0.01)
        2) Anti-fatigue effect


        • Effect of Hovenia dulcis Peduncle Hotwater Extract (HD) on endurance capacity for swimming. (Kor. J. Pharmacogn.44(1) : 83~90 (2013)
        • HD-100 : Mice fed HD 100mg/kg
        • HD-200 : Mice fed HD 200mg/kg
        • *P<0.05 and **P<0.01

        2. In vitro

        1) Hepatoprotective effect


        • (A)Fruits, (B) Seeds, (C) Leaves and (D) Tubes. The ‘a’ indicates a significant LDH leakage induced by ethanol at P<0.05. The ‘b’ indicates the value significantly different from the control at P<0.05. The ‘c’ indicates the value significantly different from the ethanol control at P<0.05.
        • Dose-response effects of the water extracts of Hovenia dulcis Thunb on ethanol-induced hepatotoxicity in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes. Four hr after the culture initiation, the hepatocytes were treated with 2.5% ethanol, and the given concentration of the water extract for 24h. After the incubation, the release of lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) into the culture medium was determined. (Yakhak Hoeji Vol. 52, No.1)